Putri Island as a Perfect Resort for Tourists

In Thousand Islands Regency, you can find a perfect resort. It is situated in Putri Island, actually. Putri means “princess”. Perhaps the locals name it after the island’s gorgeousness and splendid beauty. It is part of “Kepulauan Seribu”, after all. You can reach it in the Java Sea in the north part of Jakarta. So, what is special about it? It is the home of different types of bungalows! You are definitely going to enjoy a perfect holiday in such paradise! Also, it becomes a perfect destination for a family tour.

The Nuance
Putri Island’s landscape may make you speechless. It stunning beach is indeed flawless. The white is pure white and soft. In some parts of the beach, the water is light blue! It has a significant contrast to that of the deep one. Tourists can play freely and safely in such shallow water. You don’t even need a life vest or any gear. In the seashore, you can find some chairs and umbrellas. Those are the spot for relaxation and enjoying meals. In the back, many types of trees protect you from the heat of the sun. What a wonderful nuance!

Exploring Putri Island
The most common activity in Putri Island is beach walking. You will be accompanied by shady trees and breezy wind. Once you enjoy such beautiful moment, it is time to go back to your room. The resort features amazing amenities. One of them is an undersea aquarium. As the name suggests, it is a giant aquarium connected to the sea. The guests can enjoy stunning nautical beauty directly from the resort. Isn’t that great? Not to mention there are other facilities like water sports equipment, a swimming pool, and a tennis court. Make sure to come during weekends, so you can enjoy live music.

Next activity is riding a glass bottom boat. As the name implies, the boat’s floor is equipped with glass. Thus, passengers are able to witness the underwater views on it. You don’t need to swim or dive in order to enjoy such stunning sea scenery. The clear water makes a wonderful sightseeing. You can see fishes and corals clearly! The boat goes swiftly, as well. This way, you can feel the refreshing wind blowing on your skin. Also, the waves’ sound makes this trip more comfortable.

Do you want more? The next activity is sunset cruise. This is where you enjoy a stunning sunset by riding a boat. Make sure to come with your spouse! This is going to be a romantic journey, so you can build up your relationship to a whole new level. Another activity is snorkeling. Both gears and equipment are available in the resort. You can rent them cheaply. Here is the best thing. The seawater in Putri Island is safe. Even beginners can explore the underwater environment in a comfortable manner. Are you interested?

Nearby Attractions

  • Macan Island
  • Seopa Island
  • Melinjo Island

How to Get There
The fastest way to Putri Island is from Marina Ancol. A speedboat takes you to the location within 90-110 minutes. If you come from Muara Angke Port, it may take longer. No wonder. Traditional boats won’t go as fast as a speedboat. They are cheaper, though.

Where to Stay

  • Putri Resort

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