A Sacred Place in Tidung Island – King Pandita’s Tombstone

Tidung Island is part of “Kepulauan Seribu”. It is considered popular among travelers, as well. In small Tidung, there is a sacred tombstone of King Pandita. Usually, the tour agency may create a tour program for tourists. Thus, everyone can easily access such tourist spot. What about you? Are you interested? It is an interesting religious tourism, after all. When you are visiting Tidung Island, you must never miss it. You can learn the story behind it and take some pictures of the tombstone.

The Nuance
There are actually 3 tombstones. Apart from King Pandita’s gravestone, you can see two others. They belong to his relations. These tombstones are located in a small building. Thus, they come in a good condition. A keeper takes a good care of them, as well. Visitors are allowed to enter the house with an authorization. The color of the ceramics is pastel. Each of them has a wooden headstone. It has a shape of a mosque tower. Sometimes, visitors are seen inside the room. In this case, make sure not to step on the tombstones!

Exploring King Pandita’s Tombstone
King Pandita’s Tombstone is famous for its sacredness. No wonder, tourists come there for blessings. It also holds a good story. During the Dutch Colonialism, he was exiled by the invaders. Actually, Pandita has another name, it is Muhammad Kaca. He came from Malinau, East Kalimantan. His rebellion against imperialism made him a convict. He was sent to Tidung Island and died in 1898. Today, his tombstone becomes a significant lure in the island. As a tourist, you can learn his story from the locals.

Religious tourism becomes more popular these days. It helps people find serenity. Regardless of the reasons, more people keep coming to King Pandita’s Tombstone. Usually, tourists want to learn the history of Muhammad Kaca. The keeper even tells visitors about it freely. Not only tourists, some historians take advantage the location for a research. Since the building is clean, you will be comfortable there. Also, visitors are allowed to take pictures inside the room. Isn’t that great? Even though it is rare, tourists can take selfies.

One thing, all visitors should take care of the environment. That means you are not allowed to litter. If you want to eat snacks or drink something, you must go outside. At least, you must show respect to that place. It is a sacred tombstone, after all. Giving a prayer is not mandatory. However, most visitors do it. It is not likely you miss an opportunity to pray there. Somehow, the locals are considered the tombstone as a sacred thing. They believe it gives blessings to those who pray there.

Nearby Attractions

  • Love Bridge
  • Animal Conservation
  • Tidung Nautical Garden

How to Get There
Your primary destination is Tidung Island. From Jakarta, you should visit Muara Angke. It is the place to rent a local motorboat. The trip takes about 2-3 hours. Once you reach the island, you need to head to Small Tidung Island by a bicycle. No worries. It takes only a few minutes to reach the tombstone.

Where to Stay

  • Cottage Anggrek 3
  • Tidung Lagoon
  • Tidung Citra

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