Lancang Island and Its Traditional Ambiance

Real travelers look for new places to explore. Have you heard Thousand Islands Regency? It is part of Jakarta, actually. Many options of islands are available for tourists. Here is a reference. The name is Lancang Island. Some experienced travelers recommend it to newbies. Why is that? The island is suitable for finding peace and relaxation. It is because the government limits the use of motor vehicles on it. Thus, you may expect a fresh and pollution-free environment. Not to mention it features gorgeous scenery!

The Nuance
Lancang Island becomes a symbol of nature. It offers a solemn nuance and refreshing atmosphere. In the sea, you can find several fish traps. Those make distinct scenery, indeed. Not to mention the seawater is quite calm. For the best experience, you should visit the beach before sunset. At that time, you are able to witness the fall of the sun. It sets beautifully and emits a romantic atmosphere. The island also features several facilities. You can even find a majestic homestay there.

Exploring Lancang Island
The first reason to visit Lancang Island is the nature. You can do many things, especially on the beach. In fact, it costs almost nothing. Fishing is the most popular activity there. No wonder, you will see many local people swarming in the shorelines. They enjoy it much. If you want a more challenging activity, there is snorkeling. Thanks to a good visibility of the sea. What you need are snorkeling gears and some skills. With these, you are ready to go.

Snorkeling is a primary attraction in Lancang Island. Tourists love its affordable price, after all. It is even cheaper than other islands. Both beginners and pros are allowed to explore the sea. That doesn’t mean you can carelessly enter the water. At least, you must learn the basics. A guide may tell you to get a dry snorkel. The best choice is the one that comes with a splash guard. It helps you get rid of seawater easily out of the tube

Next consideration is the fins. Make sure you get fins that fit. It has a significant impact on the comfort, actually. Moreover, it helps you move safely in the water. On the other hand, unfit fins often lead to troubles. With these things in mind, you can enjoy snorkeling in a safe manner. What’s next? It is time to fill your belly. In the evening, the best activity is grilling fishes. BBQ is available in the homestay. On top of that, don’t forget to try traditional sauces of Lancang Island!

Nearby Attractions

  • Tanjung Kait Beach
  • Pasir Perawan Beach
  • Tanjung Pasir Beach
  • Laki Island

How to Get There
In order to reach Lancang Island, you have two options. First, it is in Muara Angke Port. There is a popular sea transportation called Krapu. The price is nice and the condition is good. Make sure you come in the morning, so you won’t miss the boat. Another choice is to Rawasaban Port. It is located in Tangerang. You can take a ferry from there.

Where to Stay

  • Lancang Homestay
  • J Hotel
  • Orchardz Hotel
  • Zest Hotel

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