Enjoying Stunning Views of Pasir Perawan Beach in Pari Island

Pari Island is part of Thousand Islands Regency. Despite its small size, it is the home of many attractions. For example, there is Pasir Perawan Beach. It is a stunning coast with white sand and flawless sea scenery. The location is about 2 hours from Jakarta Special Region. That means it is reachable. Pasir means “sand” and Perawan means “maiden”. As the name suggests, the beach emits unspoiled beauty of sand. Though, there is another story regarding the name of that coast. You can learn it from the locals.

The Nuance
Pantai Perawan Beach is surrounded by mangroves. These make a unique view. If you want to explore those plants, you can use a small boat. In fact, you can find several boats in the shorelines. Make sure to pay the rent fee, though. In terms of beauty, the beach is definitely stunning. There are different types of trees on it. In the seashore, you can also find a small hut. It is a perfect location for relaxation. The seawater is moderate. That means it is possible to swim in it.

Exploring Pasir Perawan Beach
The first thing to do is to learn the history of Pasir Perawan Beach. According to the locals, there was a maiden living in Pari Island. She fell in love with a fisherman. They loved each other, as well. One day, the man went fishing in the sea. No one knew why he didn’t come back. The woman waited like forever. She had a faith in his lover to return. Unfortunately, he didn’t return. The woman died waiting on the beach with her faith. It’s said the man died during fishing. The story sounds more heart-melting if it is told by the locals. So, make sure to hear it from the people in Pari Island.

In the past, the name was Tanjung Nailun Beach. It’s named after a rich man from Betawi. Apart from the history above, you may hear other chilling stories regarding that tourist spot. The rumor has it. There were some kids playing on the beach. Somehow, the little girls disappeared into thin air. The boys said their friends were carried away by black crows! It sounds strange, doesn’t it? The thing is you can still find some crows in the beach. Have no fear. They are harmless.

Another fun activity is witnessing either sunrise or sunset. You can find some spots, which are good for sightseeing. When it comes to facilities, there are cottages, banana boats, snorkeling gears, bicycles, and much more. You can rent them to enjoy numerous beach activities! Therefore, don’t forget to carry much money. You won’t regret spending money on unforgettable experiences, for sure.

Nearby Attractions

  • Lancang Island
  • Kongsi Island

How to Get There
Pasir Perawan Beach is located in Pari Island. That means your primary destination is that isle. The most common meeting point is in Muara Angke. From there, you must take a boat to Pari. A speedboat from Marina Ancol is also a good idea. Once your reach the island, you can simply visit the beach by walking.

Where to Stay

  • Pari Cottages

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