Visiting Mutiara Beach before Reaching Pelangi Island

Many of you have heard about Pelangi Island in “Kepulauan Seribu”. Well, it is indeed a beautiful island. Near to the island, there is an astonishing beach called Mutiara. For those who look for a vacation retreat, that coast is recommended. Mutiara means “pearls”. It represents the beauty of such gems, after all. It belongs to Jakarta Special Region. Tourists visit the beach mostly for a family vacation. The stunning views of the sea never fail to impress everyone. Not to mention it is located on a famous Pelangi Island.

The Nuance
Mutiara Beach offers a mesmerizing nuance. In the horizon, you are able to see nearby islands. The sky is blue and it reflects well on seawater. The waves aren’t big. No wonder, most tourists would like to swim in it. When it comes to the shorelines, it is brownish. Though, the sand is a little bit rough. In the back, you can find several beach chairs. Those become a perfect place for lounging. If you want to play in the water, make sure not to go too far.

Exploring Mutiara Beach
The most common thing to do is beach walking. Unlike regular beaches, Mutiara offers unique features. You may find several houses and villas near to the coast. Those are the home of rich people. With valuable scenery, those properties are definitely expensive. As a visitor, you may expect some residents visiting the beach. It is an opportunity to make new friends! If you are lucky, you can stay in their house. That means you don’t need to rent a hotel room.

Apart from unique views, Mutiara Beach offers other attractions. For instance, there is a public bath place. Once you have enjoyed good times in the water, it is time to clean your body in a public bath. It costs some money, though. In some parts of the beach, there are mangroves. They also become a wonderful object for sightseeing. If you want something unique, there is a local mosque. It is made of entire woods. On top of that, you can enjoy these attractions freely.

Another fun activity is witnessing the sunset. Somehow, Mutiara Beach becomes a perfect location for enjoying the sunset. In the evening, there are some good places for enjoying seafood. It is going to be a satisfying night! If you want to spend a night or two, you can get a room in nearby hotels. In the next morning, you should have prepared to reach Pelangi Island using a local boat. The trip takes about 70 km. That means you will be on a boat for about 90 minutes.

Nearby Attractions

  • Pelangi Island

How to Get There
If you come from Jakarta, you only need to head north. Mutiara Beach is located near to Muara Angke. Make sure to find a good vehicle to reach the location. Since it is situated near to the port, you can also rent a boat to visit nearby islands of “Kepulauan Seribu”. Island hopping is indeed fun and challenging, after all. When it comes to accommodations, there are several hotels near to Mutiara. Enjoy!

Where to Stay

  • Aston Pluit Hotel
  • Fave Hotel

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