A Vacation Retreat to Macan Island in Thousand Islands Regency, Jakarta

“Kepulauan Seribu” is the home of stunning islands. One of them is Macan Island. Another name is Tiger Island. Are there many tigers in it? Have no fear. It is only a name. No one knows the history, though. Today, the island becomes a favorite location for tourists. Most of them come from Jakarta. They want to retreat from daily routines. Apart from its beauty, the island is located near to Java Island. Thus, visitors can reach it without hassles. Are you interested?

The Nuance
There are two options. First, it is Macan Besar Island. It is famous for a beach resort. That means you can get a comfortable accommodation, there. Another choice is Macan Kecil Island. It is an uninhabited and serene isle. Thus, it is suitable for those who want to relax. Both the islands feature clear and blue sea. There are some bushes and in the island. If you visit Macan Besar, there is a wooden pier. It is long and sturdy. Usually, visitors use it for sightseeing and fishing!

Exploring Macan Island
The best attraction in Macan Island is the resort. Many people also call it an eco-resort. It combines natural and modern designs. Do you wonder about the foods? Well, most of the menus are made of organic plants. The foods are simple but tasty. Don’t forget to eat their fresh fruits, as well! If you want entertainment, there is a clubhouse. You can also watch DVDs, read books, and socialize with other guests. It gives you an opportunity to make new friends.

Next activity is snorkeling. The resort provides you snorkeling gears. The guests are allowed to rent them. Once you have obtained the equipment, it is time to visit the snorkeling spots. For those who need direction, the staff may help you to reach those locations. In the afternoon, you should go back to your room. Next thing to do is enjoying the sunset. The best spot is on the pier. The sky starts becoming red as the sun sets beautifully.

It is true you must spend some money to stay in the resort. No worries. It is a worthy expense. In fact, you get the best facilities and accommodations. Both snacks and drinks are free. There are numerous fun activities, as well. These include snorkeling, sunset sightseeing, beach walking, and island hopping. In the next day, you are able to visit nearby islands, especially Macan Kecil. It is a good place to eradicate your stresses. Don’t forget to carry your camera, though. Some parts of the islands are worthy for photography.

Nearby Attractions

  • Pulau Tidung
  • Pulau Semak Daun
  • Pulau Pari

How to Get There
It is easy to reach Macan Island. Travelers only need to visit Marina Ancol. From dock 6, you can take a speedboat to reach your destination. Make sure you depart in the morning. Usually, the boat is ready at 8 am. The trip is about 90 minutes. Your primary objective is the eco resort. Once you reach the resort, make sure to rest first. In the next day, you can do what you want to do in Macan Island.

Where to Stay

  • Macan Besar Resort

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