A Splendid Vacation in Harapan Island, Jakarta

Have you heard about Harapan Island? People also call it Hope Island. Due to its untouched beauty, the island becomes more popular these days. It is an ideal place for leisure. Also, it is a peaceful tourist spot for families. Even foreigners often come there! The island has featured numerous facilities. The most comfortable one is the homestay. You can rent it near to the port. Once you enjoy your breakfast, you are allowed to explore the island in the next morning!

The Nuance
First things come first. Travelers are looking for a peaceful nuance in Harapan Island. As the name implies, it is an island of inspiration and hope. It is likely you can eradicate all of your burdens there. The stunning views of the sea may astonish you. In the horizon, you can see green hills and trees. In the beach, there is a fenced pier. It has the shape of T letter, too. Isn’t that unique? Some old boats are scattered on the shorelines. They become great extras in Harapan.

Exploring Harapan Island
Just like other islands in “Kepulauan Seribu”, Harapan Island is a suitable area for snorkeling. No worries. Even beginners can enjoy such activity. It is because you can find an instructor and tour guide nearby. He or she has reliable experiences. Apart from snorkeling, you can conduct island hopping. That means you are going to visit nearby small islands using a boat. Those isles are uninhabited. They are quite peaceful and stunning. This is going to be an exotic vacation. Don’t you think so?

Harapan Island is good for water sports. Tourists can enjoy numerous activities like riding a sofa boat, jet skiing, riding a banana boat, canoeing, etc. You must have a good stamina since there are many things to do later. In order to replenish your energy, you should relax in a nearby homestay. It features comfortable and high-quality amenities. The management has fulfilled the standards, after all. Each room is equipped with the best entertainment and comfortable furniture. When it comes to facilities, the island provides a police post, health services, places for praying, etc.

Here is the thing. Harapan Island doesn’t support wireless connection and cellular signal. Is it a bad thing? No worries. A vacation in Harapan is going to be peaceful. It is an opportunity to disconnect from busy life. That means you don’t even need to use your phone! What you need are beautiful nature and comfortable atmosphere. It is better to come with families or friends, though.

Nearby Attractions

  • Macan Island
  • Putri Island Beach
  • Tidung Lagoon

How to Get There
It is a no brainer. In order to reach Harapan Island, your first destination is Muara Angke. It is the place to find a traditional boat. One thing, the location is smelly so you must bear it well. The trip takes about 4 hours. Not to mention you should gather first at the meeting point. If you want a more comfortable trip, you should more for it. For instance, there is a speedboat service in Ancol.

Where to Stay

  • Jakarta Airport Hotel
  • Harapan Homestay
  • Hotel Huswah
  • FM7 Resort Hotel
  • Hotel Orchardz

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