An Unlimited Beauty in Pramuka Island

As one of the best isles in Thousand Islands Regency, Pramuka is a worthy destination. In the past, people called it Elang (Eagle) Island. According to the locals, there were lots of eagles living there. It changed to Pramuka due to the presence of campers. Lots of tourists visit the island for camping. Thus, local people named it Pramuka (Scout) Island. If you are looking for a new adventure, you should come to such beautiful place. Make sure to come with your families, though.

The Nuance
In terms of beauty, Pramuka Island is outstanding. It features clear blue sea and an amazing nuance. For tourists, the island becomes a great spot for relaxation. Thanks to high-quality facilities. You can find some coastal restaurants and public places. When it comes to tourist amenities, there are snorkeling and scuba diving services. The villagers are friendly, so tourists would love to spend a good time on the island. Not to mention there are many options of villas and homestays. You can choose one based on budget.

Exploring Pramuka Island
What is the best attraction in the island? It is natural conservation of hawksbill sea turtle. Due to their small number, the locals take a good care of them. That means they have been protected over time. Tourists are allowed to visit the conservation and witness such exotic animals directly. The offspring is called Tukik. They are small and cute. It is even possible to touch them. One thing, you must clean your hands first. It is because bacteria can cause much harm to those valuable animals.

The best time to visit Pramuka Island is during the release of Tukik into the sea. That means those small turtles are ready to live a real life. It is a rare moment, so you must carry your camera. Once you have enjoyed a good time, it is time to go back to your room. As mentioned earlier, the island features good homestays. All of them offer comfortable amenities. For the best experience, you should rent the best room. In this case, make sure to carry lots of money.

Another interesting activity is sightseeing. Just because you want to enjoy Pramuka Island’s beauty, doesn’t mean you must spend lots of money. It is as simple as enjoying stunning views of the beach. If you want more challenging activities, you can do snorkeling or swimming. For those who look for casual activities, fishing and photography are recommended. In the evening, you can grill some fishes near to the beach. Isn’t that great?

Nearby Attractions

  • Panggang Island
  • Thousand Islands National Park
  • Tidung Island
  • Pari Island

How to Get There
From Jakarta, you should cross the sea using either a traditional motor boat or a speedboat. Though, you can only find motor boats in Muara Angke. If you want to ride a speedboat, you must head to Marina Ancol. It is a faster option, after all. During the trip, you have an opportunity to reach other islands. An island hopping is quite common in “Kepulauan Seribu”. Make sure you don’t miss it.

Where to Stay

  • Pari Homestay
  • Tidung Lagoon Hotel

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