Jukung Island in Thousand Islands Regency, Jakarta

Do you have a plan in visiting Thousand Islands Regency? In this case, what you need is a destination. For instance, there is Jukung Island. Another name is Ayu Besar Island. However, it is not considered as major islands in “Kepulauan Seribu”. Still, it is a worthy vacation destination for you. Tourists recognize it as a natural conservation for birds. The most popular ones are osprey and white-bellied sea eagle. Those species are attractive. In fact, they become the main attraction on the island.

The Nuance
Jukung Island is uninhabited. Once you have arrived on the island, there are no people at all. What you can find are trees and wild animals. A shady environment is indeed astonishing. What’s next? It is the beach. The sand is white and the sea is calm. Apart from eagles, you can find other animals like crows, lizards, etc. In some parts of the island, there are mangroves, Casuarina equisetid folia, etc. Sometimes, people from nearby islands come there for harvesting nature resources. They come from Harapan and Kelapa Island. Though, it is a rare event.

Exploring Jukung Island
The location is near to other islands. That means you should explore other locations, too. Jukung Island is famous for its natural attractions. Though, it lacks in facilities. In this case, you can obtain good accommodations and facilities in other islands. Despite its weakness, Jukung has been included in the best list of vacation destinations. Not to mention it is a free land. Everyone is allowed to enter it. No fees are included, at all. It is a perfect location for exploring nature!

Next adventure is in the sea. Jukung Island also has a nautical beauty. It features colorful and abundant corals. Thus, you can perform either snorkeling or diving. Since there are no facilities, you should have prepared your snorkeling gear. For beginners, it is better to come with friends. Hiring an instructor is also recommended. He or she helps becomes your guide to explore the beautiful underwater. For the best experience, you must wear high quality gears. Those provide more comfortable and safer performance, indeed.

The island is the home of several species of eagles. In this case, bringing a camera is a must. It gives you an opportunity to capture beautiful creatures and objects. Another thing to do is island hopping. Make sure to rent a boat for a day. You are going to use it later. Not only the boat, but you are going to hire a navigator. He knows the route to nearby islands. No wonder, you should depend on him much. Thus, don’t forget to give him some tips.

Nearby Attractions

  • Kelor Island
  • Hantu Island
  • Matahari Island

How to Get There
How can you get there? Muara Angke is your first point. It is an ideal location to find good boats. Don’t forget to hire a navigator! Thus, you should have prepared more money. Another location to find a boat is in Marina Ancol. What makes it different? You can find better boats there, which are faster and more comfortable.

Where to Stay

  • No hotels

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