An Untouched Beauty in Bira Island, Jakarta

If you are visiting A Thousand Archipelago, you must never miss Bira Island. It is one of the best isles in such regency, after all. Bira becomes tourists’ favorite location for beach walking and an underwater adventure. Despite its popularity, you don’t see many visitors in that island. This way, you can take advantage of it for relaxation. The nuance is solemn and it features a flawless ecosystem. Bira also becomes a spot for island hopping. Thanks to its nearby island.

The Nuance
Bira Island emits a wonderful nuance. The water has a flawless visibility. It astonishes any people who come to the island. The color of the water is green Tosca, actually. Near to the beach, you can see several cottages. Those become the best facilities on the island. In the island, there is a small pond. Your kids would definitely love it. Bira also features many trees. These create a cool and shady atmosphere. Thus, the island can be a perfect place for relaxing.

Exploring Bira Island
A tiring trip to Bira Island is worth an effort. At the end of your journey, you will be rewarded by beautiful nature and stunning nautical beauty. The best spot for sightseeing is on the dock. You can witness coral reefs and sea creatures from there. The water is clear so you can see those things visibly. Unlike its siblings, Harapan and Tidung Island, Bira is considered a resort island. There are villagers, so you can enjoy a peaceful holiday perfectly.

Diving is the most popular activity in Bira Island. Many professional divers often come there. The water visibility is excellent and the depth is moderate. It is a suitable for beginners, as well. Apart from diving, you can also enjoy snorkeling. As long as you have the gears, you are ready to go. If you don’t like water sports, you can simply sit on the deck while feeding the fishes. It is a comfortable activity. Everyone would love it. On top of that, the fishes are attractive.

When it comes to facilities, Bira Island provides several cottages. You can rent a room and enjoy your solemn holiday there. In the afternoon, you can enjoy stunning views of the sunset. The breezy wind will be your companion. At night, you can stargaze and enjoy a nonviolent nuance. What’s more? Sea urchins are common in Bira. Make sure you don’t touch them. Even though they are unique, they can cause harm to you.

Nearby Attractions

  • Macan Island
  • Putri Island Beach
  • Tidung Lagoon

How to Get There
Bira Island is located a little bit far from Jakarta. If you want a fast and comfortable trip, you should take a speedboat. This kind of service is available in Marina Ancol and the trip takes about 2 hours. If you use a local boat from Muara Angke, it takes longer which is 3-4 hours. The boat takes about 10-15 people. It can be quite uncomfortable sometimes. When it comes to accommodations, you can rent Bira Resort or hotels in Jakarta.

Where to Stay

  • Jakarta Airport Hotel
  • Bira Resort
  • Hotel Huswah
  • FM7 Resort Hotel
  • Hotel Orchardz

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